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Clash: Superhero Showdown 2


We have a winner!  Captain America has been crowned this year’s Superhero Showdown champion!

A little blurb about our champion:

Steven Grant Rogers—arguably the most recognizable iteration of CAPTAIN AMERICA—was originally a small and somewhat feeble fine arts student living in Brooklyn, New York during the 1940s. As tensions grew overseas in Europe during World War II, Steve decided to enlist in the Army—only to be rejected due to his small physical stature. Catching the eye of a U.S. Army general and a scientist with his resolve, Steve was selected to be a test patient for a secret military experiment known as the Super Soldier project. The project—headed by Dr. Abraham Erskine—was designed to enhance the physical attributes of a typical soldier through an injection of an experimental serum. As a result of the project and its serum, Steve’s body was radically transformed into that of an almost perfect human being, giving him enhanced strength, speed, intelligence, stamina, and agility, among other things. Unfortunately, shortly after Steve’s transformation, Dr. Erskine—who had become like a mentor to Steve during his experiments—was assassinated, making Steve the only true Super Soldier of Erskine’s, as Dr. Erskine kept very little notes on his progress during the experiments. Due to the public fallout of the Super Soldier project, the American government decided to abandon the project; however, many people afterwards would attempt to replicate the version of Erskine’s serum in attempt to replicate its effects. Steve, wanting to help his country in any way, donated a portion of his now-enhanced blood to the American government in an attempt to salvage what was left of Erskine’s work. In turn, the American government decided that putting Steve on the battlefield would be too risky a maneuver, and in turn made Steve a mascot for the war, giving him the name “Captain America.” However, Steve decided  that he would prefer being an actual soldier over being a mascot,  and decided to travel to the battlefield in Europe. After single-handedly rescuing a battalion of soldiers from behind enemy line, Steve was granted official military status as Captain (later Commander), and was able to carry out top secret missions with his best friend James “Bucky” Barnes and his hand-picked squad of soldiers known as the Howling Commandos. Towards the end of World War II, both Steve and his best friend and sidekick Bucky Barnes confronted Baron Zemo—a general working with the Nazis to replicate Erskine’s Super Soldier serum—and tried to prevent him from launching an experimental drone plane on New York City. While the pair were successful, the plane ultimately exploded, leaving the fate of both Steve and Bucky unknown to the public (many assumed they died from this mission). In reality both Steve and Bucky had landed in the freezing Atlantic Ocean, having survived the crash, and their bodies were recovered. Steve would wake up later in the 20th century, having been unconscious for over 20+ years.

Also, congratulations are in order for our grand prize winner: BRANDON EUGENE TAYLOR who won the superpowered movie night—including an Amazon gift card!

For a printable, full color roster of this year’s selections click here.

Click here for a printable bracket or click here to vote online.

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