Blackwater Regional Library

Find out more! (FAQ’s)

May I return any materials in the bookdrops?
 All BRL materials may be returned in either our outdoor or indoor bookdrops with the exception of the Mobile Hotspots.

May I return materials that I checked out from one branch to another Blackwater Regional Library branch?
Absolutely. All of the Blackwater Regional Library Branches are connected, so if you return a book to one branch, it’ll make its way back to its home branch. Make sure not to return school library books, or materials from other neighboring public libraries, though!

I forgot my headphones, can I buy some at the library?
Yes. We do offer headphones for purchase at $1.50 per pair. We also offer 2 GB Flash Drives for $5.00 each.

How many books may I check out?
We don’t limit you on materials, with four exceptions:
10 DVD’s per card
2 Lucky Day Books per card
2 Lucky Day DVDs per card
1 Mobile Hotspot per card/household

You don’t have a book I’d like, can you get it for me?
We’ll do everything we can! If you wish, please fill out the Request to Purchase Materials Form, which will be sent to our Collection Development Manager. If it’s special item and/or published more than one year ago, please fill out an Interlibrary Loan Request with your local branch staff.

I’m late! What do I owe?

We no longer charge overdue fines, but do charge for items that are damaged or considered lost (six weeks overdue or longer).

Items can be renewed, when eligible, via phone or in-person. BRL also offers “automatic renewals” which automatically renews items on their due dates when eligible.

*the maximum fee per item shall not exceed $5.00, except for Library of Things and Book Club Kits which are $10.00 maximum. Library privileges will be suspended for a balance that exceeds $29.99


  • Mission

    Our purpose is to
    provide online and print resources,
    access to innovative technologies 
    and a skilled staff to patrons
    in our service area.

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  • Who We Serve

    Blackwater Regional Library
    serves the communities of:
    Isle of Wight, Southampton, Surry
    and Sussex Counties 
    and the City of Franklin

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