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OverDrive Help logo If ever you need more detailed instructions, how-to, or help, OverDrive provides excellent materials. The left sidebar under "Getting Started" on the SOVALUe page will answer almost any questions you have. If you require additional assistance, please submit via our eBook Support Form.

Your device determines the type of formats you can download. The device and format will determine what software or application you need to download, all available for free.  (For a comprehensive list of devices compatible with OverDrive, click here.)

Common Devices
Compatible Formats
Kindle Books, Adobe EPUB, Adobe PDF, MP3 audiobooks, WMA audiobooks, WMA Music, WMA Video
MacKindle Books, Adobe EPUB, Adobe PDF, MP3 audiobooks
Amazon Kindle
Kindle Books
iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Kindle Books, Adobe EPUB, MP3 audiobooks
Barnes & Noble Nook
Adobe EPUB, Adobe PDF
Android Kindle Books, Adobe EPUB, MP3 audiobooks
BlackBerry Kindle Books, Adobe EPUB, MP3 audiobooks
Sony Reader
Adobe EPUB, Adobe PDF

Adobe Digital Editions Download In order to use Adobe EPUB or Adobe PDF formats, you will need a free Adobe ID. (Click here to create your free Adobe ID). If you intend to use a Barnes & Noble Nook, a Sony Reader, or your computer to read eBooks, you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions. Click the button to the left in order to download. (Note: Sony Readers require you to have the Sony Reader Library software, available here, as well as Adobe Digital Editions).

OverDrive Media Console DownloadFor EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks on a mobile device (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone 7) you will need to download the OverDrive Media Console app. Click the button to the left and then click your device in order to download the appropriate software or application. (OverDrive Media Console is also used for MP3 audiobooks on Mac computers and WMA & MP3 Audiobooks, Music, & Video on Windows computers.)


  1. To check out eBooks, you will need a valid, non-expired, non-blocked library card from Blackwater Regional Library and a PIN. (If you do not have a PIN, you will need to call or visit your local branch.) You will also need access to the Internet.
  2. As you browse the collection, you can place up to 7 items in your cart. You have 30 minutes to check out those items before they are returned to the collection.
  3. Patrons can check out a maximum of 5 items. Most items give you the option to determine your checkout period: 7, 14, or 21 days.
  4. You can return items early if you are done with them. (eBooks ONLY, downloadable audio and video cannot be returned early at this time.)
  5. OverDrive's digital rights management system follows the one-book, one-user model. (What is DRM?) Therefore, there will be wait lists for popular items. If an item is checked-out, you can place it on hold by providing your email address. OverDrive will email you with directions on how to download the title when it becomes available. You may place a total of 5 titles on hold. You have 5 days to checkout a held title.
  6. Just because your checkout period has expired does not mean that the file will automatically disappear from your device. All copies of an item you have checked out must be deleted at the end of the lending period.
  7. OverDriveAdv.jpg BRL purchases additional titles available to only Blackwater patrons; most of these titles will only be visible if you login with your Blackwater library card number and PIN.
  8. OverDrive will only keep track of titles you have checked-out or read if you rate them on the SOVALUe page. These will then be available under 'My Account' --> 'My Rated Titles.'


Basic Instructions for Searching, Checking Out, Downloading, and Returning eBooks

Searching for eBooks

  • The OverDrive collection is searchable by title, author, and keyword
  • You can limit your search to only currently available titles
  • Advanced Search allows additional items, such as publisher, format, date added to site, and subject
  • You can browse the collections using the options to the left of the OverDrive page
  • When selecting a title, be sure to pick the appropriate format for your reader (For Kindle, choose Kindle Book. For all other readers, choose the Adobe EPUB or Adobe PDF)
  • Adding the title to your cart blocks other users from accessing that title for 30 minutes, or until you checkout that title.
  • If a title is currently checked out, instead of seeing the "Add item to cart" button, you will see a button that says "Place a hold." On clicking this button you will be prompted to enter your email address, which is how OverDrive notifies you when the title is available.
  • You can check on holds in "My Account"

Checking Out eBooks

  • Once you have an item in your cart, you can proceed to check it out
  • If you have not already done so, you will need to enter your library card number and PIN to check out. (If you do not have a PIN set up with BRL, you will need to call or visit your local branch to set one up.)
  • When you proceed to checkout, OverDrive will prompt you to confirm the checkout and will allow you to set the loan period (7, 14, or 21 days)
  • Once a title is checked out, it will appear in your bookshelf (under "My Account")

Downloading eBooks

  • The software you need for downloading and reading titles depends on the reader you are using. See above for common devices and required downloads.
  • In order to use OverDrive eBooks on any reader (except for the Kindle), you will need to create a free Adobe ID and use that account login and password to authorize your computer and/or mobile device. (With the iPad, the first time you open the OverDrive app you will be prompted to put in your Adobe account information.)
  • The steps for moving items to a reader will depend on the type of reader you have: Nook, Sony, & other eReaders; iPad & Mobile Devices; Kindle

Nook, Sony, & other eReaders

  • If you have not already done so, download Adobe Digital Editions and any other necessary software for your device
  • Go to the SOVALUe OverDrive site on your computer
  • Login to your OverDrive account using your library card number and PIN
  • Browse and checkout an Adobe EPUB- or Adobe PDF-formatted eBook
  • Click on the 'Download' button
  • A dialog box will open up that asks if you want to open the item with Adobe Digital Editions
  • Clicking 'OK' will download the item to Adobe Digital Editions
  • Connect your eReader to the computer using its USB cable
  • The reader name will show up in ADE at the bottom of the left-hand column
  • Click on 'Library View' in the upper left-hand side of the ADE window
  • Drag the downloaded title from the library window to the reader name
  • The title will transfer to the reader

iPad and Mobile Devices

  • If you have not already done so, download and install the free OverDrive App for your device
  • Open the OverDrive app
  • Choose 'Add Library,' and follow the steps to locate a library by zip code or name
  • Select Blackwater Regional Library or SOVALUe and touch the star next to the library name to save the location
  • Touch the SOVALUe link to open the OverDrive site
  • Login with your library card number and PIN
  • Locate a title, proceed to checkout, and checkout the title
  • Click 'Download' and the title will open in the OverDrive app to read.


  • Go the SOVALUe website on your computer
  • Login to your account, locate a title, and checkout the title
  • Click on the 'Get for Kindle' button
  • This will take you to the Amazon website
  • If not already logged in, you will be prompted to log into your Amazon account
  • Click the 'Get the Book' button
  • From the 'Deliver to:' menu, choose the appropriate device associated with your account (this will be your Kindle)
  • If your Kindle device is connected to a wireless network, the title will be sent to your Kindle
  • If you do not have wireless access, you should choose the option to transfer via computer, and then click continue
  • Instructions for transferring via USB can be found here
  • Please note that OverDrive titles will not transfer via Amazon's 3G service, ONLY a WIFI network

eBook Returns

Since SOVALUe only allows 5 titles to be checked out at a time, it is important to know how to return your eBook titles if you finish them early. The process for returning titles varies depending on the type of reader you are using. Remember that only eBook titles can be returned early at this time, not audio or video titles.

Readers accessed with Adobe Digital Editions

  • Open Adobe Digital Editions on your computer
  • Go to your library
  • Click the small arrow to the left of the title you want to return (you will need to hover over the title to see the arrow)
  • Choose "Return Borrowed Item'
  • Click "Return" in the window that pops up

Mobile Devices (iOS devices, Adroid, etc.)

  • Open the OverDrive Media Console app on your device
  • Go to your list of titles
  • On the iPad, swipe to the left over the arrow that is located to the right of the title you want to return. On Android devices, tap and hold down on the title of the item until a dialog box opens up.
  • Touch the 'delete' link
  • Choose 'Return and Delete' in the window that pops up

Amazon Kindle or Kindle App on Mobile Device

  • Go to and login to your Amazon account
  • Click on 'My Account'
  • Under Order History, click on 'View Your Kindle Orders'
  • Find the title that you want to return (it will say 'Public Library' in orange text next to the title)
  • Click the button that says 'Actions' located to the right of the title you want to return
  • Choose 'Return to Library'    

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